A Network of Youth Writers

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Write4Change is a collaborative authoring community of youth writers (13+) supported by a team of adult and youth moderators and researchers connected to the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

This is a network of young people from around the world who want to write for and with others to create change – whether personally, locally, or globally. Writers in Write4Change (W4C) collaborate in a safe, moderated community, expanding the boundaries of what ‘counts’ as writing by intermingling visual, audio, text, and other forms of composing across languages and spaces.

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What Does it Mean to Write for Change?


Join our supportive community of youth writers who are change makers. Unleash your creative potential. Use digital media to collaborate with music, art, image, and video and more as you write for change.

My project


Connect with youth around the world. Learn about what connects us. Find others to create with for bigger impact.



Learn how to make an impact with your writing. You can take action in the world on smaller scales, like with individual or self change, or broader scales, like in your school or community.