Who We Are


  • John Scott

  • University of California - Berkeley

  • Jin-Kyeong Jung

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Emily Plummer

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Phil Nichols

  • University of Pennsylvania

Our Vision

The W4C project offers an innovative approach to composition for the 21st century in its connected framework that positions young people as change-makers linked to others around the world. We envision this online space as a central gathering hub for youth who want to write for and with others globally to create change, integrating art and technology as they participate in making and remixing practices in a supportive environment. Rooted in current theories of literacy that challenge outdated skills-oriented literacy frameworks, the designed space represents a theoretically robust learning environment that supports multimodal, multilingual, collaborative authoring and fosters cross-cultural communication.

Our Goals

  • To prepare youth to participate in a global world in which active participation through writing is often the central means to social change and civic action
  • To amplify and connect youth voices to position youth as central leaders in creating and sustaining meaningful change
  • To create access to powerful learning opportunities for youth who may not otherwise have such opportunities
  • To connect teachers and students in new relationships that cross school/out of school contexts and link student interests and passions with communities
  • To operate in a partnership model to recognize all voices and to learn about the ways networked collaboration can improve educational practice


Our Collaborators