What is W4C?


The Write4Change community is social network for adolescent writers (ages 13-19) to share their writing with others, to collaborate with global peers similarly engaged in using writing to effect change, and to learn from and with one another. One of the primary goals of the project is to amplify the impact of students’ voices through the power of globally networked communication.

All youth on our private platform are connected through a partner teacher, one who is committed to working with other educators to support students writing for change. As the community expands through new partnerships and members, we hope it serves as a hub connecting participants with publication opportunities, global initiatives, and online resources and tools.

Teachers have great flexibility to shape the activities to suit their curricular and pedagogical needs. Most interactions have been in English as the shared language to date, but we are working toward integrating more multilingual composing tools. We hope teachers will encourage students to write using multiple languages and modes to make this a rich multilingual community of writers.

The Write4Change community is part of a broader research project, but it is not necessary to be enrolled in the research project to participate on W4C. We will not use any of the students’ writing or postings for research purposes unless they have given consent. However, participating researchers will be moderating and monitoring activity on the platform to ensure that there is no bullying or inappropriate postings (members can also flag potentially problematic content). If you would like to join us in the research project, please see the FAQ page for more details.