How W4C Works


Interested educators enroll a group of their adolescent students (ages 13-19) in the Write4Change (W4C) community. The teacher is the connective partner, working with their students and other teachers, to guide students’ writing and collaboration online with students in other places. Educators can be formal classroom teachers or informal educators (e.g., enrolling students in an afterschool or summer club).




Groups can participate in one or more ACTIVITY CYCLES. There are four activity cycles each year, with a different theme and related activities. Each activity cycle lasts from 6-10 weeks and consists of three projects that move students through an inquiry to action cycle. Please see the curriculum page for more details.

Teachers are welcome to use the provided curriculum, design new curriculum to share with others, or use or adapt their existing curriculum on the W4C platform. We are very open to teachers customizing the space and community to suit their needs.

For groups participating in a W4C activity cycle, we ask that teachers support students as they interact on the W4C platform at least once per week with more frequent interaction being the goal. Having this level of activity in the community space is what keeps the interactions feeling generative. Please see the curriculum page for ideas about how students can interact online.