What do teachers in W4C do?

Teachers in W4C interact on the platform and support students in participating there.

  • Engage in the community yourself and act as a guide for your students to help connect them with the possibilities the community offers. We hope you will be an active member with other teachers, creating new networks of teachers who support writing for change.
  • Facilitate weekly interactions online. We have weekly missions that promote cross-cultural communication and writing. We ask that you get students online at least once a week to participate in the missions and interact with (and learn from and with) students around the world.
  • Communicate regularly (e.g., once a week) about your site (e.g., what you all are working on, info about your school or program, cool W4C activities, etc.) and/or with other teachers. This can be done in collaboration with your students and can take the form of a blog post, video, podcast, photos, art work etc. You will have a group page in the community that you can update regularly.
  • Optional:
    • Guide your students in producing projects to share on the network. These projects can be quite small (a poem or story to share) or more elaborate (a media artifact investigating an issue in the local community). In addition to sharing the projects, we hope teachers can have students post updates as they work on it (ideally getting feedback and insights along the way).
    • Collaborate with other groups online. We have lots of ideas about how you can set up an exchange with others (see the curriculum page), and we will facilitate at least one all-community collaboration each quarter that you can join.
    • Get Involved: You might want to get more involved in W4C: sign up to be in the research study and sign students up as well; participate in our curriculum development efforts; or work as a ‘core teacher’ as we expand W4C. See below for more details!
What do students in W4C do?

Students in the W4C community are asked to participate in a few different activities that can begin as teacher facilitated work but become self-directed over time.

  • Participate in weekly missions. Engage in posting, commenting, collaborating, and connecting at least once a week (even better: 3+ times per week).
  • Create projects that can be shared with the W4C community (it can be in-process work as well as finished work).
  • Collaborate with others, either individually or in group collaborations.
  • Optional activities:
    • Connect outside of W4C and document/report on those efforts. We will post invitations to contests or publishing opportunities that youth may enjoy.
    • Track their impact in the W4C community using tools in our Impact Studio.
    • Join the research study.
I am interested. How do I sign up to learn more?
  • Send us an email. Fill in the contact sheet on this website or send us an email to get started and we will be in touch with next steps.
  • Go to our teacher page. Our password protected teacher page has more information about the curriculum and next steps. Once you have been in touch with us, we will share the password. You can take our initial survey, read through the additional information, and get a log in password for our private platform so you can browse around (and talk to others in the community).
We are all signed up on W4C. What do I do to get started?
  • Talk with us. Many teachers have said they like to talk to someone from the W4C project before they begin. We are happy to schedule a phone call or video call to discuss the community and answer questions.
  • Do Mission 1. The first mission, Getting to Know the W4C Community, will help orient you to the community and tools. You can find details about Mission 1 on the Teacher Resource page or in the W4C community.
  • Create a group presence online. Working with your students, develop a short name for your group. Let us know what your group name is so we can create a page for you in the community (and send a picture!). We have other ideas for getting started on our Teacher Resources page.
How can I get more involved in the W4C project?

If you are interested in being even more involved in the W4C project you can:

  • Sign up to participate in the research study and invite your students to join
  • Schedule an interview with the research team to help us learn more about how to educate young people as global writers and change agents
  • Contribute to curriculum development (informally by posting resources in the teacher community or more formally by joining the research team)
  • Volunteer to be one of the W4C core teachers who shape the work of the project in different ways: being a regional leader (recruiting colleagues and representing the project in your region); being a liaison with other partners and organizations (e.g., National Writing Project, youth contests, etc.); acting as a coach (helping alumni or leading professional development for other teachers; or acting as a sponsor (someone who helps promote work outside of the W4C community; e.g., at conferences or in co-authored publications).


Contact us at w4cproject@gmail.com for more information.